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The market innovation: Room-specific fine localisation from novalink

Fine localisation

novaBEACON enables a freely scalable localisation accuracy. From room-specific localisation, from area to building-precise localisation, any customer needs can be realised.

Cost efficient

Just a few novaBEACONs in each area and low unit costs enable fine localisation at an unbeatably low final price.


With a battery runtime of 4-5 years, the novaBEACONs can be installed flexibly and quickly. The integrated battery management automatically informs you of the battery status of all novaBEACONs.


What is the novaBEACON?

novaBEACON enables cost-efficient fine localisation based on Bluetooth technology. The inconspicuous battery-driven transmitters are installed at selected locations in the building and allow you to clearly define their position.

Fine localisation highlights
with novaBEACON

  • Cost-efficient procurement
  • Independent of existing infrastructure
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Inconspicuous small transmitters, discrete
  • No installation costs
  • No separate power supply
  • No data connection
  • Autonomous battery operation for up to five years
  • Battery monitoring

How fine localisation works with novaBEACON


More information

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