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MS Teams Alerting

MS Teams Alerting & Secure Messaging in the Smart Office

Microsoft Teams Alarmierung

Alerting directly in Microsoft Teams

With novaalert, you can now use your familiar Microsoft Teams workspace as a command center. With MS Teams Alerting, you receive important alarms and messages in your accustomed MS Teams environment. Notifications appear directly in your personal Teams chat or in various Teams channels. Incoming messages include not only current information but also additional attachments such as action plans, localization information, or voice messages.

MS Teams Alarmierung

Alerting with Escalation Management

Incoming notifications can be acknowledged positively or negatively. Based on these responses, the novaalert Escalation Management automatically initiates further steps if necessary. This ensures that a notification reaches users and has been read, guaranteeing attention. All messages and attachments are stored in the Teams history. As a result, users can track incoming messages, including acknowledgments, at any time.

MS Teams Alarm

Trigger Alarms Directly in Microsoft Teams

Trigger Alarms Directly in Microsoft Teams The initiation of alarms and actions is also conveniently possible through Microsoft Teams using MS Teams Alerting. Simply enter the keyword ‘Trigger Alarm’ into the novaalert Teams Bot, and the user will then be presented with individually defined actions for triggering.

A message or alarm triggered via MS Teams is processed in novaalert: the selected recipients receive an acknowledgeable notification in the MS Teams client or simultaneously on the novaalert mobileAPP, through a phone call, SMS, email, etc., depending on the requirements.

Alerting in MS Teams Overview

Alarme empfangen

  • Customized for each user​
  • Acknowledgment
  • Multimedia alarm notifications (any attachments)
  • Display of building plans with localization
  • Playback of spoken alarm messages

Trigger Alarms

  • Customized for each user
  • Input of individual alarm texts
  • Individual icons and colors for triggerable alarms
  • Additional PIN code protection for alarm triggering


  • Encrypted Communication
  • Support for high-availability systems (SLA dependent on Azure)
  • User language: German, English
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