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Targeted mass alerting in disaster situations.

When a fire breaks out (literally or metaphorically), every second counts! Reliable and fast alerting of everyone concerned is the only way to ensure they can react immediately and get to safety. In the event of a mass alert, it is not only important to notify all individuals, but also to provide them with critical information about the correct response in an emergency. The alarm system from novalink guarantees precisely this.

Ready for emergencies with the novaalert alarm system.

With the novaalert alarm software you are optimally prepared for any incident. In case of an emergency or disaster situation, everyone concerned will be reliably alerted within seconds – thanks to multi-messaging that allows mass alerting across a wide range of channels. 

(mobil, DECT, landline)


Public address system

Alarm sirens

In addition, our comprehensive emergency alerting and messaging concept also includes clearly defined steps to ensure that the necessary measures are initiated correctly. The goal here is to ensure that everyone knows exactly what to do and when – even under the enormous stress of an emergency situation. The system ensures a rapid supply of information by means of simultaneous notifications and thus guarantees rapid evacuation of buildings.

Alerts in the recipients’ native language

Of particular interest to hotel operators – novaalert can broadcast the alerts in each guest’s native language

Evacuation and emergency management. Act fast in every situation.

The alarm system needs to act faster than the impending danger. The crisis team and the mass of people to be evacuated must be alerted as effectively as possible. When it comes to mass alerting, novaalert is particularly efficient thanks to its ability to combine different media:

  • Instantaneous direct notifications to all PC workstations
  • Fast and targeted mass alerting on all smartphones
  • Traditional telephone-based alerting – hundreds of people can be called simultaneously
  • Mass alerting via SMS
  • Important information about the alarm history can be displayed directly on the crisis team’s smartphones
  • Manual and automatic language conferences for rapid crisis intervention
  • Combination of traditional telephone-based voice alarms and modern smartphone app technology
  • Display of building maps, action plans and camera images on PC and smartphone

We create safety.
With a system that monitors itself.

Even the best alarm system is useless unless it functions seamlessly and reliably in an emergency. You should be able to depend on this. Which is why our system is based on three pillars.

novaalert Watchdog

System monitoring

No room for error – our system monitors itself. This is ensured by our Watchdog function, which uses separate software and hardware. The Watchdog also monitors all components connected to the system.

redundanter Systemaufbau


Two alarm servers ensure reliability – if one fails, the other one takes over. For precisely this purpose, we configure our novabox as a redundant and high-availability system. In hot standby mode, the primary system synchronises the database with the secondary system. If the primary system fails there is an automatic switchover to the secondary system.

Alarmserver X250


As a hardware platform, the novabox is the basis for our software solutions that ensure your safety. It is extremely durable, fail-safe and powerful. What our customers really appreciate, however, are its low maintenance requirements. 

Crisis management with optimal coordination.

In an emergency, everything needs to run smoothly. Everyone must know exactly what they should do, as well as when and how. novaalert  is an emergency management system that gives you optimal support in this regard – via telephone conferences, group chats and action plans.

Which departments – and which personnel in particular – should receive which information and instructions? Which emergency numbers should novaalert use to automatically establish a conference between crisis managers and first responders? Which measures should be initiated when and how? novaalert has the answers – and thus creates safety.

Is this solution interesting for you?

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Head of Sales


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Key Account Manager

DE-North / Benelux

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Key Account Manager

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