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PC-based alerting in the workplace – with the novaalert desktopCLIENT


Alarm management par excellence – the novaalert desktopCLIENT equips every PC and notebook with extensive alarm, protection and messaging functionality. In crisis situations, a workplace PC can be used to trigger, display and track an alarm easily and reliably. Important messages are superimposed on the recipient’s screen to make sure they are not overlooked. A clear display and an optional acknowledgement function round off this comprehensive safety concept.

Alarm activation in the workplace – application areas

Silent alarm

The primary objective in the event of a threat is to de-escalate the situation and provide assistance. Therefore, it must be possible to trigger an alarm discreetly and intuitively.


In the event of a fire or disaster alarm, your employees must not only be alerted quickly, but also in a targeted manner. The novaalert desktopCLIENT allows thousands of messages to be sent in a matter of seconds. The alarm notification is displayed together with a message, an acknowledgement option and file attachments – even if the recipient’s screen is locked.

Alarm management

The desktopCLIENT lets you actively manage incoming alarms. The search, sort and pinning features allow users to quickly prioritise and track incoming messages in real time. The status overview shows which individuals have received and acknowledged an alarm, or whether the message is still open.

Secure messaging

It is often necessary to send individual employees high-priority messages about specific incidents. With the desktopCLIENT all messages can be displayed in order of importance.

Internal company chat

The desktopCLIENT facilitates state-of-the-art internal communication by means of a conventional live-chat application. A unique feature here is that the management and control of your data is entirely server-based. Employees can participate in predefined group chats seamlessly via PC or smartphone. Special alarm chats are created dynamically when a specific event or alarm occurs. Furthermore, the novaCHAT application is fully GDPR-compliant.

Game-changing features

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Trigger alarms,
even when the PC is locked

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Alarm messages will even override an active screensaver

Customisable alarms
(ring tones & display)

Our alarms always get through

Depending on the alarm, different display types can be defined for messages:

Message must be read by recipient

The entire screen turns black and the alarm message appears in the centre of the monitor screen.

Alarm message with additional information

The alarm message appears in the centre of the screen.

The recipient cannot continue working until they have acknowledged the message.

Optional attachments are displayed in addition to the alarm message.

Complete lock

The selected PC screens are locked completely. Only an authorised person can unlock the PCs again, e.g. via the novaalert mobileAPP.

Information display

The alarm message is discreetly displayed in the corner of the screen.

Send messages & trigger alarms

Operation is simple: an alarm is triggered either via a customisable key combination (silent alarm) or via intuitive tiles. 

Modern design

Various display options

Specially designed “themes” present clear status monitors and wallboard views.

Organise on-call services

Each user is assigned to individual groups and can log in/out as required. The current status of all groups is displayed visually, including the currently logged in/out group members. Depending on the organisation these groups could be assigned to specific services, such as the night service, 24h support or even an on-call service that requires a secure handover. 


The novaCHAT-Messenger is fully integrated in the novaalert desktopCLIENT. All data is transmitted in encrypted form and stored on the company’s own server, without exception. This guarantees the security of valuable internal company data. With novaCHAT you are always connected to your colleagues and can thus solve problems quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, the novaCHAT complies with the requirements of the GDPR.

Its intuitive operation will be familiar to anyone who has previously used a messaging app. novaChat also lets you create separate group and alarm chats. The group chat feature is intended for daily work-related communication and can be made available to authorised personnel. If additional information needs to be exchanged in relation to an ongoing alarm, a separate alarm chat room can be quickly and easily opened. All recipients who have actively acknowledged the alarm are automatically added to this chat room.

Custom extensions

The optional integration of external web services/applications in additional tabs lets you seamlessly manage your information portals and reporting tools directly in the novaalert desktopCLIENT.

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