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Patient-wandering protection for dementia patients – dementia care systems with novaLOCATOR

Weglaufschutz demente Personen

The novaLOCATOR enables dementia sufferers and people at risk of wandering off to maintain their freedom of movement. As soon as a person (or object) equipped with the novaLOCATOR leaves the protected area, the novalink patient-wandering and dementia care system automatically transmits their location to the assigned nursing staff.

How does patient-wandering protection work in concrete terms?

novalocator sendet signal an novaconnecotr

Patient-wandering protection with novaLOCATOR and novaCONNECTOR:

The novaLOCATOR permanently transmits an individual location signal via Bluetooth. A novaCONNECTOR with a Bluetooth extender is installed at each location to be monitored (e.g. building exits). This automatically detects any novaLOCATOR transmitting within its reception range. Only a POE-capable LAN connection is required for installation.

Alarm wird ausgelöst sobald novaLOCATOR ungeschützten Bereich betritt

As soon as a person equipped with a novaLOCATOR enters the monitored area, an alarm sounds.

Alarmmeldung ungeschützter Bereich

The nursing staff immediately receive a notification that informs them which person has left the building through which exit. These messages can be transmitted to any device (e.g. smartphone, DECT telephone, PC workstation, etc.).

Effective prevention of false alarms

Inside buildings, a novaCONNECTOR with a Bluetooth extender is installed. 

A weatherproof directional antenna is installed in outdoor areas.

False alarms are prevented because the person being monitored must be directly in the reception range of the antenna for the signalling to become active.

Product variants for our dementia care systems

novaLOCATOR as a tag

Weglaufschutz für Gegenstände

novaLOCATOR as a wristband

Armband für Weglaufschutz

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