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IT & Office Alerting for Enhanced Security in the Smart Office

IT & Office-Alarmierung

novaalert enhances the Smart Office with intelligent IT & Office Alerting

novaalert enhances the Smart Office with intelligent IT & Office Alerting Connected technologies continue to make communication in the office more efficient, faster, and safer. Now, novaalert expands the Smart Office with its IT & Office Alerting, meeting a variety of clever security requirements. Ensuring employee safety and facilitating corporate communication in critical situations are essential tasks of the novaalert Smart Office Integration. It covers scenarios such as overarching crisis communication, incident management in cyber attacks, system disruptions, IT system failures, fire protection, evacuation, medical emergencies, and more.

IT & Office-Alarmierung

IT & Office Alerting with novaalert and MS Teams​

IT & Office Alerting with novaalert and MS Teams​ MS Teams clients and novaalert clients (Android, iOS, PC) are used for internal communication. This allows companies to benefit from a unified system while employees work in their familiar office environment. At the same time, mobile communication is possible, for example, in the office and home office.

When using novaalert as a SaaS cloud system, communication is completely independent of the company’s IT infrastructure.

Secure IT & Office Alerting with novaalert and MS Teams

IT & Office-Alarmierung

Secure Messages

With novaalert, your information reaches the right people securely! Transmitted messages come with an acknowledgment option. The recipient confirms with a positive acknowledgment that they have read and understood the message. The integrated escalation management informs additional individuals or supervisors according to defined criteria, ensuring that no event gets overlooked in the rush.

The most important information available immediately​

The most important information available immediately​ Receiving the relevant information promptly in critical situations is crucial. Each notification can be supplemented with any attachments. Attachments such as action plans, video images, or localization information aid in making the right decisions in a critical situation.

IT & Office-Alarmierung

Secure Access

The native clients for PC, ‘novaalert desktopCLIENT,’ and smartphones, ‘novaalert mobileAPP,’ are secured and managed through Microsoft Entra. Access for all clients is conveniently provided via Single Sign-On (SSO).

IT & Office-Alarmierung

Easy Onboarding

Onboarding is fully automatic through Microsoft Entra ID. The novaalert mobile clients also allow onboarding via signed and encrypted QR code or deeplink.

Direct Communication

With the novaalert clients, you can reach all employees directly and without detours – for example, with a push notification at the push of a button, regardless of their location. This enables a current and reliable flow of information about local events, company-wide policies, or relevant news. Conversely, employees can quickly contact the person responsible for technical issues in the office through the app.

Benefit from a Unified IT & Office Alerting Solution with novaalert in MS Teams

Key Advantages

IT & Office Alerting:
Be Prepared for Every Scenario

In the event of an incident, quick action is crucial.

  • Who needs to be informed?
  • What needs to be considered?
  • What happens if no one reacts?

All these points are managed automatically with novaalert and can be initiated with just one swipe.

Effective crisis resolution requires a comprehensive communication management strategy. Predefined scenarios for individual events allow for professional communication. Depending on the crisis, it is also essential to ensure that communication channels remain operational independent of one’s internal infrastructure.

An incident is an event that disrupts normal operations and restricts business processes. This could be the failure of a system or service or even a cyber attack.

A crucial element of incident management is the prompt restoration of normal operations.

In an Incident Response Plan, it is defined which entity needs to be informed at various severity levels. novaalert ensures secure communication from the Incident Response Team to employees and the relevant external entities.

Detecting System Failures and Automated Communication In the event of system failures, responsible administrators need to be informed as quickly as possible. Through the integration of various systems, for example, via Rest API, administrators receive immediate notifications when a system experiences a malfunction. With heartbeat monitoring, this is possible even when the affected system itself is unresponsive.

If an employee requires medical assistance, it is essential to inform the medical service quickly and efficiently. novaalert supports this by notifying the medical service through the mobileAPP or via a call about the incident and the location of the person in need of help.

When smoke is detected by fire alarms, novaalert is immediately informed through integration with the fire alarm control panel. novaalert notifies responsible individuals for fire safety about the fire alarm and the location of the incident, ensuring that a fire can be addressed and secured at an early stage.

If an evacuation is ordered, novaalert ensures that employees are unequivocally informed. For instance, desktop computers may be locked, and PC monitors used as information displays. Simultaneously, sirens or public address systems can be activated for announcements.

In the event of assaults on employees within the company, novaalert ensures immediate assistance. The threatened individual can summon the security service using a mobile emergency button, smartphone, dedicated emergency buttons, or a shortcut on the PC. The escalation management guarantees that the information reaches the responders.

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