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Emergency call systems for patients & senior citizens.

Secure personal emergency call systems for the healthcare sector.

The secure patient emergency call system for hospitals, psychiatric wards, nursing & care facilities.

The challenges in the healthcare industry are becoming increasingly demanding and complex – and resources are scarce. This applies above all to personal emergency call systems, whether for patients, senior citizens or dementia care. Where people are concerned, some things are simply mandatory, such as proper care and safety. Especially in emergency situations. From hospitals and psychiatric wards to nursing and retirement homes, as well as dementia care facilities.

Nurse call systems are the traditional solution when it comes to alarm transmission. However, emergency alarms for staff who feel threatened and location tracking for people in care are now standard features of personal emergency call systems in the healthcare sector. But how can all patient emergency call systems be safely combined into a complete system? And how can these processes be optimised to ensure the best possible patient care while supporting your staff at the same time? The answer is the novaalert alarm software.

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nursing & dementia care homes

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Introducing your hospital’s new safety officer.

Every single emergency call device is only as reliable and safe as the alarm system to which it is connected. But what really matters when it comes to patient emergency call systems? It is essential that the system performs all required functions and serves as a fast and secure communications hub – by providing the right people with all relevant information, regardless of which device they are using. And no matter what additional multimedia information is required – whether voice messages, video or tracking the location of individuals. The novaalert alarm software lets you create safety and security – for your patients and your staff. 

novaalert mobileAPP auf Zebra Smartphone

novaalert in daily use in a hospital!

What does our emergency alarm system offer?

Samsung XCover 4s

Safe receipt and acknowledgement of alarm messages

Samsung XCover 4s

Defined on-call lists – so no time is lost in an emergency

Anmelden mit NCF Tag

Simple logon/logoff to the on-call service via NFC

Feinlokalisierung für Handylokalisierung

Location tracking for individuals indoors and outdoors via GPS and novaBEACON

Alarmierung am Smartphone

Individual alarm tones and volumes, variable for different times (e.g. for the night shift)
Even when the device is in silent mode

Lokalisierung mit Smartphone

Transmission of important additional information (e.g. crash C-section or heart alarm)

Pull-cord activation for threat protection




No more need to carry around multiple end devices

novaalert can be connected to all systems:

The smartphone as a bodyguard. Optimum employee protection.

With novaalert mobileAPP, every smartphone becomes a bodyguard. An alarm can be triggered quickly and easily via an emergency call button or a pull-cord. The employee’s exact location is transmitted. This ensures that the alerted personnel are on the spot as soon as possible.

Samsung XCover 4s

Smart escalation management – to ensure that every alarm has the desired outcome.

Alarms are triggered for many reasons, but one thing remains constant – a fast response is always needed. In other words, an alarm whose purpose is to summon help must not only be heard, but also taken seriously. With its ingenious, multi-stage escalation management, novaalert ensures precisely this. novaalert automatically alerts additional people or teams until the alarm has been sufficiently acknowledged and help is on the way.

But that’s not all. Clever alarm tracing, simple configuration and highly available hardware and software ensure completely reliable alerting with novaalert. 


Personal support for every individual! Innovation in dementia care.

With life expectancy increasing and birth rates falling, a clear trend is emerging – there is a rising number of senior citizens who need care and a decreasing number of nursing staff to provide it. This means there is currently a need for innovative solutions to support patient care. Such as the novalink dementia care system.

The novalink dementia care system enables dementia patients to move freely within a defined area and retain a good degree of independence. However, the moment they leave this area while unattended, the system detects this. The relevant nursing staff are notified and the patient is thus protected.

When combined with the novaLOCATOR, which can be worn as a bracelet on the body, the novaCONNECTOR and the novabox, novaalert is transformed into an absolutely reliable and easy-to-manage dementia care system. The system is also quick and easy to assemble/install. A real highlight of our system is the lifetime of the novaLOCATOR batteries. The status of the individual batteries is also monitored at checkpoints. This is extremely helpful, not least because it lightens the workload of your technical support staff.

The novalink dementia care system is suitable for nursing/retirement homes as well as assisted living facilities.

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Dementia care systems! In a nutshell:

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