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The alarm software for people and machines – novaalert

The novaalert alarm software lets you easily and efficiently define individual alarm events for each alarm.
Because every second counts in an emergency. Every alarm or message requires fast and reliable transmission. Alarm servers are the interface between emergency call switches and sensors on the one hand and the alarm devices on the other. 

novaalert – the alarm software for:


systems in operation

  • Secure transmission of information
  • Higher-level and prioritised communications
  • Custom combinations of different communication media and systems
  • Fast, automated process sequences
  • Pre-planned actions in crisis situations

You generate information – the novaalert alarm software makes sure it arrives safely.

What kind of information do we mean?

  1. A staff member feels threatened
  2. Machine fault
  3. Important staff information
  4. Patient calling a nurse
  5. Nursing staff need a doctor
  6. Injured employee
  7. Break-in at the location

This information must be received and acknowledged!

The novalink alarm software ensures that all relevant information relating to an emergency or technical malfunction is recorded via suitable system interfaces and assigned to a process that defines the appropriate response. All processes can be individually defined in order to initiate the necessary measures.

Open system architecture

For successful integration into an existing system environment, it is crucially important that the existing interfaces can be interconnected.

The novaalert alarm software is based on an open system architecture and supports a vast range of different system interfaces. This enables the integration of both traditional and state-of-the-art interfaces and IT systems.

Modular design

A “one-size-fits-all” approach to alarm systems simply does not work. Each customer has individual requirements and their own infrastructure, which must be taken into account. For this reason, the novaalert alarm software is based on a modular structure.

Every novaalert project – no matter how large or small – can be expanded and developed freely in accordance with the customer’s needs, without restrictions or limitations.

Mapping of alarm processes

For each event, novaalert lets you define:

shape_circle icon shape_circle icon from the I-Collection. Copyright by INCORS GmbH (

Which people or groups should be informed

Which medium is the most suitable (smartphone app, PC, telephone, SMS, e-mail, pager, etc.)

smartphone icon smartphone icon from the I-Collection. Copyright by INCORS GmbH (

How much detailed information the selected recipients will receive

user_smartphone icon user_smartphone icon from the I-Collection. Copyright by INCORS GmbH (

What to do if the selected recipients cannot be reached

You can also determine whether the recipient is permitted to execute subsequent interactive tasks or initiate additional measures after receiving a notification. Detailed schedules (different weekend arrangements, etc.) can also be defined.

An A–Z of the novaalert alarm software

overview novaalert

Special care is needed when it comes to the maintenance of personal master data. For example, failure to add an employee’s new mobile phone number could prove critical in an emergency situation. With novaalert, there are two basic options when it comes to editing master data – either manually via the novaalert web client or automatically via synchronisation with an external central database. 

A central task of novaalert is to ensure that important information is actually – and always – read by the right people. This means that important messages must be acknowledged upon receipt. If nobody or too few people have acknowledged the message, it is possible to define exactly what should happen next. Furthermore, novaalert will not terminate the alarm until the corresponding messages have actually been read by the defined personnel.

The novaalert mobileAPP lets you organise groups of recipients dynamically and only alert staff who are on duty at the time. Each person logs in to or out of their assigned groups independently. Integrated on-call lists are another option – with novaalert, each person’s on-call status for the respective groups is planned and saved in advance directly in the web client.

It is often the case that numerous different organisations or departments within the company require use of the alarm server’s functionality. To ensure that the logged-in users can only see data that is relevant for them, an unlimited number of clients can be added to the system in novaalert. In all cases, the users can only view the data that is assigned to their client.

It is almost always critically important to know exactly where an alarm was triggered – especially in the case of personal alarms and potentially injured personnel, who must be found as quickly as possible. For precisely this reason, novaalert includes extremely powerful, fully integrated location tracking technology. No additional components are required, since all tracking information is processed in parallel and is automatically analysed and prepared. 

The following technologies are supported:

  • novaBEACON
  • GPS
  • WiFi access points
  • DECT
  • NFC tags
  • QR codes
  • Manual position input

The combination of novaBEACON for indoor and GPS for outdoor location tracking is particularly efficient and precise. The integrated GPS geofencing feature lets you create and name specific virtual zones. Geofencing is also used to define specific indoor and outdoor areas for even more precise location tracking.


novaalert includes comprehensive system monitoring. All activities can be called up in real time in the novaalert web client. Any current alarms (including their status) are also displayed in real time. The integrated lone-worker monitoring system shows the activities and status of all logged-in lone workers.  

After an event, it must be possible for the team, management, insurance company, authorities, etc. to trace when an alarm was triggered and by whom – and to determine who received and confirmed the message, and when. For this reason, all alarm data is permanently logged and can be exported as a PDF report at any time.

As smartphone users are often not connected to the internal network and instead use “mobile data”, they are in effect “external” users. Therefore, mobile users with the mobileAPP require a secure connection to the novaalert server. In this case, secure access for external users is provided via the novaalert proxy service – either in the proxy/DMZ zone in the in-house network or as a cloud solution. The proxy service manages the communication between the individual smartphone clients and the novaalert server, which removes the need to set up inbound connections to the in-house network. By creating multiple access points (proxy services), disruptions can be prevented if the network provider or a network segment suffers a failure.   

Platform-agnostic – the customer chooses the platform

novaalert adapts to your existing IT infrastructure. Depending on the preferred design, the alarm software can either be operated as an independent hardware appliance on a novabox, as an “on-premise” system, or as a virtual server using your existing infrastructure.

Übersicht Plattformen

Operational reliability

As the highest priority communication tool, the alarm server  plays a fundamental role in ensuring smooth operations. All staff must be able to rely on the alarm server  at all times. For this reason, a number of features are available that are specifically designed to ensure operational reliability:

novaalert Watchdog


Each system can be equipped with an integrated self-monitoring system, the “Watchdog”. Any faults affecting novaalert or any connected systems are detected and signaled accordingly.

The Watchdog always consists of independent control and reporting hardware and a software component. This ensures that a fault can be signaled even if the alarm software is no longer capable of doing so, e.g. if all communication systems fail or if there is a power failure.

redundanter Systemaufbau


The alarm software can be specifically adapted to the given situation. Either the complete system or only the individual communication paths or individual components can be configured with redundancy.

In the high-availability and geo-redundant version, novaalert is designed as a hot-standby system (master-slave). If the master system or a connected interface fails, a fully automatic, seamless switchover to the slave system takes place. 

Fully integrated hardware

The system’s hardware components are fully integrated and ensure that novaalert operates smoothly and reliably. 

System administration

novaalert is configured and operated exclusively via an intuitive and modern web client – no additional applications are required!

Detailed access permissions can be assigned for system administration. This makes it possible to give users limited access to specific areas of the system, such as master data, analysis results or configuration options.

Alarm message receipt

For the users and recipients of messages/reports/alarms, it is fundamentally important that these arrive unambiguously and safely.

Alarmmeldungen empfangen

Traditional methods

This could be a telephone call with a corresponding voice message, an incoming e-mail, SMS, pager, DECT …

State of the Art

Notifications are sent directly to a smartphone via novaalert mobileAPP or to a PC via  novaalert desktopCLIENT. These alarm messages contain all important information about the incident, including the name and location of the employee who triggered the alarm, graphic displays superimposed on the building plan, and any desired additional documents. 


Create interactive GPS locations with geofencing!

novaalert Geofencing

A standard GPS positioning system can locate a person in distress to within a few metres and display their position on a map.

With geofencing, the determined GPS locations are additionally given a “real-world” name to further assist the responders. The respective locations are assigned a unique name by dividing the monitored premises into individual zones.

This allows an unambiguous answer to the question “Where is Person X?”: e.g. in the north car park, in the rose garden, on the silo site, by the sewage tanks, etc. 

At the same time, geofencing makes it possible to trigger automatic actions as soon as people enter or leave the geofencing zones. For example, reminder messages can be sent requesting users to log in to/out of the on-call day service or enable lone-worker protection. Geofencing is fully integrated into novaalert and requires no additional software.

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