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Silent alarms for threats in the workplace.

Safety is often just a feeling.
We make it a fact.

Intuitive and unobtrusive: safety that works.

It is an unfortunate and disturbing trend – staff who work in direct contact with customers are increasingly being confronted, insulted and even physically threatened. Although this is predominantly a growing problem in the area of social services, other occupations are also being increasingly affected. 

What can you do to prevent this as an employer? Create genuine safety! Give your staff the certainty that they can discreetly call for help in an emergency – and receive backup as quickly as possible. With a silent alarm, duress alarm or armed-intruder alarm based on the novaalert alarm software.

Silent alarm for staff who feel threatened – we make it easy.

It must always be possible to trigger a silent alarm inconspicuously. To make this possible, novaalert supports the alarm triggering technologies that are compatible with your unique infrastructure.

Stiller Alarm per Tastatur

Via keyboard input

Any employees who use a PC workstation can trigger an alarm via a simple key combination. Simply install the  novaalert desktopCLIENT on your PC to ensure your team is protected.

Stiller Alarm per Telefontaste

By telephone

One press of a button on the desk phone is all it takes to summon help. 

Stiller Alarm mit USB-Taster

Via USB alarm button

The classic silent alarm solution – the button is installed in an inconspicuous location, e.g. under the desktop. The alarm is triggered at the touch of a button

Armed-intruder alarm

Killing sprees in schools and public buildings are currently an issue that cannot be ignored. As soon as a threat is identified, it must be possible to trigger a silent alarm quickly and discreetly in order to alert everyone in the building to the danger as quickly as possible. novaalert guarantees maximum efficiency and security when it comes to alerting personnel in an emergency.

  • Alarm triggering via buttons, telephones, PC workstations, smartphones, etc.
  • Personal silent alarm
  • Multi-level alerting to prevent false alarms
  • Minimum installation effort thanks to wireless components
  • Integration and use of existing telephony systems and/or public address systems from a wide range of manufacturers
  • Individually configurable systems to suit the customer’s requirements and existing infrastructure

FAQs - Silent alarms

A silent alarm must be transmitted as quickly and reliably as possible. To do this, a recipient group is first determined for the alarm message. In an emergency, these individuals are most likely to receive the alarm message via the novaalert desktopCLIENT on their PC workstations or via the novaalert mobileAPP on their smartphones.

The alarm message always has priority – this means it is always superimposed on the user’s screen or transmitted as a high-priority voice message. This alarm can neither be heard nor seen at the threatened employee’s workstation

The alarm message contains all necessary information, i.e. the name of the threatened employee and their location, which is displayed graphically on the building plan. Additional documents can also be pushed to each recipient’s screen, e.g. action plans or rules of conduct.

Each alarm message must be acknowledged. In other words, if nobody or too few people respond to an alarm message, additional personnel are alerted by means of escalation management. This ensures that every emergency call actually brings help

Depending on the existing infrastructure, a silent alarm can be transmitted in several different ways.

  • If the employee uses a PC workstation, they can trigger an alarm – without anyone else noticing – simply by pressing a key combination on the computer’s keyboard. The novaalert desktopCLIENT is installed on all PC workstations for this purpose.
  • With a suitable telephone infrastructure, help can also be requested by pressing a single button on the desk telephone.
  • Naturally, traditional emergency buttons can also be used to trigger silent alarms. These buttons are discreetly installed in hidden locations and can be operated inconspicuously. The installation effort for this solution can be reduced to a minimum by choosing monitored wireless pushbuttons.

The alarm software that adapts to your needs – novaalert ensures safety in every workplace.

Every enterprise is unique. Therefore, the chosen safety solution must be tailored to the respective requirements and infrastructure. novaalert can be perfectly adapted to your needs – thanks to an open system architecture and numerous interfaces to a vast range of network and telecommunication systems. As a result, novaalert can be fully integrated into your existing system environment to provide the safety solution that works best for your business.


Our highlights:

  • Permanent connection monitoring
  • Easy alarm triggering, even when the PC is locked
  • Connection and status display for the user
  • Notifications via all desired communication media (PC, smartphone, telephone, e-mail, SMS, etc.)
  • Alarm messages with precise details including locations and action plans

Inconspicuous alerting

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