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Technical alarms and alarm management.

Technology must work as advertised. novaalert ensures this.

Via numerous interfaces, novaalert monitors production plants, control systems, building automation and technical components in real time. If a technical alarm is triggered, the novaalert alarm management system ensures rapid assistance. Detailed alarm information is transmitted fully automatically to the predefined recipient group. Furthermore, the entire process, from the triggering of the technical alarm to the elimination of faults, is monitored and documented. After all, even a minor fault can have major financial consequences.

Your alarm management with novaalert.

We monitor all interfaces and systems via our integrated Watchdog function – around the clock. Furthermore, novaalert can be easily integrated into your existing infrastructure. Because whenever automatic alarms need to be triggered, one thing is required above all – technology that works smoothly across numerous interfaces.


novaalert ensures fail-safe operation.

The novaalert  alarm software works fully automatically, reliably and safely. Your employees receive error and alarm messages on their existing end devices.

This allows your employees to react to faults quickly and effectively – before core systems and processes are affected.


Technical alarms – with uninterrupted production.

Faults in production facilities can quickly become extremely costly, unless they are met with a rapid and effective response

Fault alerts

novaalert communicates permanently with your machines and systems. Each machine or system reports any errors, e.g. collective faults or low filling levels, via potential-free contacts, either directly or via remote IP nodes. Networked, higher-level SCADA systems communicate with novaalert via OPC or XML.

Take immediate action

novaalert detects faults in real time and reports them to the mobile device or PC workstation of the assigned personnel. Alarm processes and escalation measures can be defined independently in just a few steps, thus enabling optimum fault management.

Alarm management supports the building services.

Not only the failure of production facilities can be costly. Failures in building services – fire alarm systems, ventilation, heating, lifts, escalators or servers and networks – can also have dire financial consequences. The faster your teams can react, the less severe the damage will be. The novalink alarm server also ensures an efficient response in such situations:

technischer Alarm im Aufzug

Faults are detected in real time.

To ensure this, novaalert communicates with your building management system. Individual systems can be easily integrated via the available interfaces.

novaalert is 100% compatible with your existing infrastructure. Technical alarms can be received both directly from systems and machines via potential-free contacts or by means of a direct connection to your specific building management/process control system. novaalert  supports all established interfaces and with the novaCONNECTOR  even includes its own IP converter.

Maximum failure safety has certain key features. These include:

Technical alarms

Connection of incoming alarms via potential-free contacts, ESPA 4.4.4, ESPA-X, OPC, XML, SMS, e-mail, etc.

Support for building management and process control systems

Alerting via the novaalert mobileAPP with acknowledgement and escalation functions

On-call/standby service

Easy login/logout for the respective shifts via smartphone, PC and telephone

Time-dependent alarm groups and individual on-call plans

Centralised alarms

Centralisation of all technical alarms via an alarm server

Overview of the alarm history and prioritisation of alarms

Combined management of technical fire, burglar and emergency alarms via a single alarm server

Infrastructure monitoring

System connections via contacts, SMTP, XML, etc.

Watchdog feature

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