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The next-generation alarm converter – the novaCONNECTOR

novaconnector der Alarmumsetzer

Do you have alarm points at numerous different locations that need to be transferred to a central alarm server? Are these alarm points spread across a factory premises or even different sites? Do you need to ensure secure transmission to the alarm server via redundant paths? Then look no further than our alarm converter! And on top of all that, it is both inexpensive and easy to install.

Integrating peripherals made easy!

The novaCONNECTOR makes it incredibly easy to connect the most common peripheral systems directly to novaalert. Thanks to the unlimited scalability of this alarm converter you can equip any number of locations with the novaCONNECTOR and thus connect an unlimited number of alarm points.

novaconnector der Alarmumsetzer

novaCONNECTOR – the highlights

novaconnector der Alarmumsetzer


Input/output contacts

Each alarm converter features 16 potential-free input contacts. You can choose between external or internal power supply for each group of 8 inputs. Different actuators can be connected to the 4 relay output contacts.


ESPA 4.4.4 interface

The novaCONNECTOR includes a serial interface to which any system can be connected. A unique feature here is the optional redundant transmission of ESPA 4.4.4 messages via two network interfaces.


Redundant & secure transmission paths

The novaCONNECTOR is equipped with two LAN ports as standard. All messages can be transmitted securely via independent networks. In addition, all events are buffered in novaCONNECTOR to ensure that no messages get lost, even in the event of network faults (e.g. with a non-redundant network connection). If the alarm converter is installed in an external network, the novaalert proxy service provides secure communication via a DMZ.


Local signaling in case of a fault

If the network connection between novaCONNECTOR and novaalert is interrupted, a central fault alarm is triggered. At the same time, a local fault message is activated in the alarm converter to signal the fault on site.


Configuration & real-time status display

The alarm converter is configured exclusively via the novaalert web client. Each novaCONNECTOR includes a graphical visualisation that displays all contact states and the connection status in real time.


System monitoring, IP watchdog

The novaCONNECTOR is also used as a hardware component for the novaalert Watchdog function and thus monitors the server system. When configured as a Watchdog, the alarm converter signals any malfunctions in novaalert. Furthermore, urgent and non-urgent faults can be signaled separately. Since the alarm converter has two network ports, it is also possible to connect the Watchdog in a redundant configuration.


Connectors and housing

All connectors are mechanically interlocked and secured against unintentional release. The push-in spring connectors enable quick and simple wiring and prevent any loose contacts. The novaCONNECTOR can be completely wired up in under one minute! Its compact housing is designed for mounting on a top-hat rail and has a small footprint.


Bluetooth option for novaLOCATOR

This optional extension allows alarms to be triggered as soon as a person (or object) equipped with a novaLOCATOR enters the Bluetooth reception range. More information is available at novaLOCATOR.

novaCONNECTOR – system overview

connecting server

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