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Indoor location tracking with novaBEACON

Feinlokalisierung für Handylokalisierung

novaBEACON enables precise indoor tracking of your smartphone’s location thanks to state-of-the-art BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology. To make this possible, inconspicuous, battery-operated transmitters are installed at selected locations in the building and are each given a unique designation.

Indoor location tracking with pinpoint precision

Only a few novaBEACON devices are required to allow precise location tracking inside buildings. The novaBEACON not only transmits the location to the designated recipients in text form, but also as a graphical display on a building plan.

Feinlokalisierung für Handy und Smartphone

Other advantages of indoor location tracking with novaBEACON


  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Operates independently of your existing infrastructure
  • Cost-effective procurement
  • Small, unobtrusive transmitter for discreet installation
  • No installation costs
    – No separate power supply
    – No data connection
  • Autonomous battery operation for up to 10 years
    – Battery is easy to replace
  • Battery monitoring 
    – Evaluation of the battery status
    – Low-battery alarm
  • Scalable as required
    – Individually expandable from individual zones to entire building complexes, even across multiple locations
  • Fully integrated in novaalert, no additional software required
  • Automatic switchover to alternative positioning technologies
    – Automatically switches to GPS in outdoor areas

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