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We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions on our products, solutions and systems for you.

You can find all CTI products and the respective documentation in the novalink partner portal.

You still don’t have access to the novalink partner portal?
You can request your login here.

Detailed information on operating systems, hardware components or discontinued software versions can be found in the technician’s manual in the novalink partner portal. Search for the term “Compatibility list”.

Right click the .chm file and select “Properties”. Here you will find the following message: “The file comes from another computer. Access may have been blocked for security reasons.” Click “Allow” and try it again.

In the scope of delivery of the novabox you will receive a document called “First steps”, which is intended to help you go through the start-up procedure.

You can also find the “First steps” document at any time in the technician’s manual. Open the technician’s manual in the novalink partner portal.

Search for the term “Start-up novabox”.

All CTI products from novalink are designed for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

If the web client of a software product is opened for the first time, the website must be added to the “Trusted sites”. To do so, open the browser settings (“Internet options”) of Internet Explorer and carry out the respective settings in the “Security” tab.


Depending on the Internet Explorer version, you may also need to turn on the compatibility mode. Open the Internet Explorer browser settings (“Internet options”) and activate the compatibility mode.

Finally, check whether the zoom value of Internet Explorer is at 100 %. To do so, close the main window of the web client and set the zoom value in the window in the background to 100 %. Restart the main window and check the setting.

Add the website of the CTI product used to the “Exception site list”. In the start menu of your operating system, go to “Java” > “Configure Java” and open the “Security” tab in the Java control panel.

Under “Edit site list” you can add the desired website.


From version 9.8 onwards, novalink supplies SQL server 2012, which cannot be installed on a Windows server 2003 system. If the version 9.8 being used is an update, it can be used on a Windows Server 2003 System with the SQL server from version 2005 onwards. Any new installations required a Windows server 2008 system or higher.

A database backup from an SQL server 2000 / 2005 cannot be imported directly to an SQL server 2012.

An intermediate step through SQL server 2008 is necessary.

  • Backup with SQL 2000 / 2005 (Backup_2005.dmp)
  • Restore from this (Backup_2005.dmp) in SQL server 2008
  • Create backup with SQL server 2008 (Backup_2008.dmp)
  • Restore the “Backup_2008.dmp” in SQL server 2012

You can find the detailed description in the technician’s manual. Open the technician’s manual in the novalink partner portal.

Search for the term “Update / Migration”.

With a serial connection from a third-party system, it must first be clarified whether the connection takes place incl. status lines. If the third-party system does not support any status lines (3 wire TxD, RxD, GND), on the part of novaalert bridges must be set in the RS 232 socket to fake the expected control signals from the opposite side through its own.


If a serial-to-Lan adapter is used for the bridging of longer distances, the bridges must be set on the RS 232 socket at the adaptor.

To connect novaalert to an Avaya Integral Enterprise L0X, CTI certificates need to be replaced from 01.01.2017. SHA 256 certificates are required for the encrypted CSTA connection.

Important information

  • The existing MD5 certificates run out on 13.12.2017 and must be replaced by then for the continued operation of the CSTA interface.
  • The certificates must be replaced simultaneously for novaalert and Avaya Integral Enterprise.
  • The new SHA2 certificates are valid until 9.5.2031.
  • The new CTI certificates only refer to the encrypted CSTA connection between novaalert and Avaya Integral Enterprise. The voice connections are not affected.

Procedure for replacing the CTI certificates

  1. On the novaalert server, depending on whether you use a 32 or 64-bit operating system, go to the directory “C:\Windows\System32” or “C:\Windows\SysWOW64”. Rename both files “cti.pem” and “server.pem” and “cti.pem.old” and “server.pem.old” respectively.
  2. Insert the new certificates into the directory. The required files can be found in the Avaya technical centre or in the novalink partner portal .
  3. Restart the DECT module in novaalert or restart the whole software.
  4. Check the correct function in the web client under “Activities” and carry out test alerting.