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novaalert mobileAPP

The command centre in your trouser pocket

Smartphone alerting

The mobileAPP enables alerting on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Consumer / rugged and explosion protected smartphones are all supported.

Lone worker protection

The lone worker solution conforms to BGR / SUVA regulations and enables comprehensive lone worker protection (e.g. life check, pause function, pre-alarm)

Registration to / deregistration from the alarm group

The mobileAPP supports the handling of the on-call group. The mobileAPP enables registering and deregistering at the touch of a button.

What is the novaalert mobileAPP?

With the novaalert mobileAPP your smartphone is transformed into a top-modern alerting end device for messaging, evacuation, mobilisation or technical alarms. With the mobileAPP, the entire scope of services of novaalert is transferred onto smartphone. From alarm triggering and alarm receipt to alarm history, right through to lone worker and personal protection.

Extract from the many functions of the mobileAPP

  • Receive alarms
  • Trigger alarms
  • Registration and deregistration from individual alarm groups
  • Simple, intuitive user interfaces
  • Real-time display of running alarms
  • Detailed history of all alarms
  • Display of any alarm attachments
  • Localisation via novaBEACON, GPS, Wi-Fi or NFC, QR code
  • Security option for keeping lone-working employees safe
  • Security option for night watch protection with route monitoring

NEW: Interactive alarms with the novaalert mobileAPP

Users can receive and send all types of update messages to share any current events and news on an ongoing event. All persons involved are thus constantly kept up to date. Additionally, during an interactive alarm specially defined actions can be triggered such as deploying additional persons, opening doors, introducing alarm conferences etc. Once the normal state has been re-established, an alarm termination notification is sent by an authorised person. The group is informed of this and the alarm is deleted from the list of active alarms.

More information

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