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The new Samsung Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro – novalink Edition HealthCare

Designed for the highest requirements in professional alerting!

The new Samsung Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro is specifically suitable for use in the HealthCare environment. With a dedicated emergency button, a personal alarm can be triggered quickly and intuitively. The robust IP68-protected casing allows for deployment in harsh environments without the need for an additional protective cover. And during extended work shifts, the replaceable battery ensures uninterrupted readiness. The fast 5G and Wi-Fi 6E connectivity supports state-of-the-art communication infrastructures.

What makes the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro – novalink Edition so special?

The Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5 can be configured in various ways, making setup a breeze, and the devices seamlessly integrate into the enterprise. Perfect for professional use! Another advantage is the high security standard with Samsung Knox and Android Enterprise. The native Samsung Knox integration of the novaalert mobileAPP allows the activation of individual security policies, including kiosk mode directly through novaalert. This can prevent manual updates and shutdowns or selectively disable the camera function, for example.

The perfect duo for emergencies – Samsung Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro and novaalert

The large, bright red emergency button and the novaalert mobileAPP are perfectly coordinated. For example, an alarm can be triggered directly from the locked screen. Or the emergency button can be freely programmed – e.g., 2x press within 1 second – to prevent accidental false alarms. Additionally, features such as man-down functions for professional lone worker protection and practical push-to-talk functions are supported.

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