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Redesign novaalert mobileAPP for Android

Exciting innovations for more convenience

We have incorporated your feedback and ideas from your projects into the further development of our software. We stay up-to-date with the times, ensuring that the app remains technologically advanced. And now, we are pleased to present to you the latest version of our redesign of the novaalert mobileAPP:

Our novaalert mobileAPP for Android will undergo a comprehensive update in April 2024. Expect numerous convenience improvements, including a new design and expanded features. User-friendliness takes center stage in the redesign, resulting in easier and faster operation.

What’s new?

A summary of our feature enhancements and design adjustments: The most significant and noticeable highlight is the completely new navigation bar and expanded home screen. This smart feature provides direct access to the most important functions, making the app extremely convenient for users.

Other smart highlights:

  • Incoming alarms can break through the lock screen.
  • Alarm triggering with images and voice messages.
  • Triggered alarms can be displayed in multiple tabs.
  • Adaptive design: Optimized display according to screen size.
  • New home screen with alarm shortcuts and log-in/log-out function.
  • Only one pop-up window and alarm sound simultaneously.
  • Support for light and dark themes.
  • New filter functions in the alarm history.
  • New representation of interactive alarms in the history.
  • And much more.

For more details, check out this video.

What to do?

In essence, the new design is highly intuitive. However, we recommend informing your customers or employees about the update and updating existing training materials and documentation accordingly before the update.

Do I need a novaalert server update?

The new mobileAPP design is compatible with all novaalert server versions. No update is required on the server!

Test the new APP today!

Through the Google Beta Test Program, you can already install and try the APP today.

Find more information in the partner portal. Look forward to our redesign of the novaalert mobileAPP for Android. Available from April 2024.

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