Areas of use

IVR: The caller decides who he/she should be connected to

A wide range of powerful IVR functions are integrated into NovaMail. From ­simple automatic forwarding to complex processes: Everything can be defined via a graphical configuration interface. The high degree of flexibility in the application means that the possibilities are virtually limitless. For example, by using the telephone keypad, the caller can decide whether to leave a Voicebox message or be connected to a proxy. IVR can also be used as an assistant that automatically connects the caller to the correct extension. Additional functions such as communication with databanks, time controls, starting the server processes and text-­to-speech are just a few of the options that IVR makes possible.

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Industry-specific functions

NovaMail makes it possible to connect directly to a hotel front office system. The specific requirements of the hotel industry can therefore be satisfied easily and conveniently. When a guest checks in at the front office, they automatically get a Voicebox for their room telephone. The language of the corresponding menu navigation is selectable. Voicebox messages are deleted when the guest checks out, and if there are messages that have not been heard, reception is informed accordingly by the front office system.

The wake-up function allows guests to set a wake-up call via their room telephone. If the wake-up call is not answered by the guest, reception can, on request, be notified.

Hotel personnel can use the room telephone to enter details of the current status of the room (occupied, cleaned, free, etc.), which is communicated directly to the front office. In the same way, staff can use the room telephone to enter details of items from the minibar that have been consumed. The front office can then ensure that the items are specified on the guest’s invoice.

Do you speak English? Parlez-vous français? Parla italiano?

NovaMail will not let you down if you have customers or employees who speak foreign languages. Depending on the configuration, the system can operate not only German, but also in French, Italian and English. Each employee can therefore adjust his/her mailbox accordingly. All texts and messages then become immediately available in the language selected.

Read, speak and write

If NovaMail is extended to include the Unified Messaging Function, you also receive your voicemail messages as e-mail attachments. Your voicemail messages can be played back, saved, printed out, forwarded, etc. from your familiar user interface. The additional text-to-speech option enables you to have your e-mails read to you over the phone.

If NovaMail is extended to include the Fax Function, it receives your faxes and prints them out on any network printer.

At the same time, each electronic document can be sent to the desired fax recipient by using the Printer Function. By adding the Unified Messaging option you also receive faxes as e-mail attachments (TIF files), thus allowing you to work on, save, print out or forward each message as you wish. Would you like to be kept informed of incoming voicemail messages, e-mails and faxes even when you are on the move? Notification via text message makes this possible.


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