Alert groups

Individuals to be alerted can be conveniently grouped together within NovaAlert. These groups in turn serve in a variety of ways as the basis for the entire alert.

Personal alerting

Personal alerting refers to the process of defining the communication paths by which each individual may be reached. The person’s name, rather than his or her telephone number, is incorporated into the alert. If the person is successfully alerted, unnecessary calls via other communication paths are automatically cancelled, thereby saving time during the alerting process.

Monitoring the number of individuals alerted

For each alert it is possible to define individually the number of people required to deal with the event. For example, if the remedying of a lift malfunction requires one person, NovaAlert cancels the alert as soon as the first person has acknowledged the alert. On the other hand,
in the event of fire alarms, all reachable individuals are summoned every time.

Time-dependant alert dissemination

Alerts are sent to various alert groups in a time-controlled manner. In this way, for example, different people can be summoned within or outside of working hours.

Alerting according to readiness list (on-call service list)

In the event of an alert situation, the individuals alerted are those who at that particular point in time are on the readiness list.


This option allows you to generate a voice text from text-based alert messages, e.g. from control systems. In this way alert messages from any character-based system can also be disseminated via the internal and external telephony.


In order to ensure that the right person has been successfully reached, an acknowledgement can be requested. 


The position of the person who triggered the alert is automatically ascertained and amended to the alert message itself. WLAN/DECT localization of the most current manufacturer is supported.


Mutations and evacuations can be executed directly in the alerting system or, with the help of Web Client, by using a computer in the network.

Password protection

The alerting system is one of the sensitive areas of your company. Mutations should therefore be performed only by authorized employees. A comprehensive password-protected authorization system prevents unauthorized access to the system.

Multi-language capable

NovaAlert is available in a variety of languages, and allows the simultaneous use of different languages during operation. The system can therefore be tailored to suit the language requirements of each operator – whether he or she is involved in administration or alerting.

Master data

Master data can be automated and periodically transferred to NovaAlert’s database from an external source (e.g. LDAP). Several independent clients can be created. Individuals, groups and alerts may be assigned to a single client, or all clients. 

Evaluation module

Alerts, connection details and system malfunctions are logged regularly; and you have easy and convenient access to this information.


NovaAlert can be operated on a virtualized server. The only prerequisite is IP interfaces to the alert in- and outputs.

General functions

  • Unlimited number of telephone lines
  • Alert acknowledgment via PIN
  • Line-busy detection, redialling
  • Analogue or digital connection the telephony via S0 or S2M or VoIP (H.323 and SIP)
  • Automatic, time-controlled alerting
  • Alerting according to readiness list (emergency standby service)
  • Unlimited number of individuals, groups and alerts 
  • Time- and date-dependant alert dissemination
  • Defined number of people to be summoned 
  • Prioritizing of the alert processing
  • Intrusion into existing call
  • Group call
  • Watchdog protection
  • Alert text can be listened to repeatedly
  • Speech synthesis during alerting (TTS)
  • Automatic expansion of abbreviations
  • Detection of re-routeing to the voicemail system
  • Localization of terminals (DECT, WLAN)
  • Administration via Web Client
  • Automatic import of data (e.g. LDAP)
  • Interface to hotel gateway (check-in, check-out, automatic language selection)
  • Recording of holidays, company holidays and other forms of absence
  • Complete and detailed logging
  • Various languages (DE, FR, IT, EN, NL)
  • Multi-client capable
  • SQL database
  • Watchdog circuit for self-monitoring
  • Redundant hardware
  • Data protection of the system and alert data
  • Data protection by means of hard disk mirroring
  • Cold or hot standby (redundant system)
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Online log printer
  • Remote maintenance


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