Mission Statement


NovaLink GmbH was founded in 1996 and has since established itself as a service provider, development company and trading concern. What distinguishes NovaLink is a high level of quality, rapid response times and marketability.

Company that trains apprentices

In our opinion, the training of young specialists is one of the most important tasks of a small or medium-sized company, as they represent our future!

We are proud to be training young, motivated people to become business people and IT specialists.


Our staff is characterised by a high degree of inter-personal as well as subject-related competence. The team spirit also experienced outside of our business setting. The basis for this is the acceptance of all ethical, religious, political or sexual affiliations.

Our above-average hiring conditions, the good working environment and having a stake in our company’s success (profit-sharing) stimulate our staff to be proactive and to deliver peak performance professionally. In addition, we promote the targeted continuing education and development of our staff.

Business Partners

We attend to our customers directly and via partners throughout the world. We endeavour to establish long-term, fair and partner-like relationships with our business partners and maintain these in a sustainable manner. The satisfaction of our customers is a top priority for us. In the process, it goes without saying, we treat the business partner with respect, treat his information with the maximum confidentiality and are responsive to his individual requirements. 


Mutual trust is a major factor for success and the basis for any collaboration between members of staff and business partners.


To ensure the highest quality standards in all areas, our employees are constantly undergoing further training.
In addition, our products are, and will continue to be, certified by the leading manufacturers. The company’s size and
its ­in-house development team allow it to react quickly and optimally to the ­challenges set by both the market
and the latest technology.